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Email marketing, blogging, campaigning, follow-ups, sharing your content, managing subscriptions. It's all part of it these days. Even for the small business owner, maybe especially for the small business owner. The more control you have over your funnels and the more automation you have, the more efficiently you can get the message across and get sales flowing in. There are really 1001 tools that can help you with this, but what I'm usually not a fan of myself is needing all of the separate tools. An all-in-one would be great, but also usually not realistic. No-code tools are often specialized, which also makes them so incredibly good at what they offer. You can see that focus.

For email marketing purposes, therefore, I was always very fond of Revue, which was later acquired by Twitter and wiped out shortly after its acquisition by Musk. I switched to Mailchimp. Purely because I had worked with that before. Which is really a great tool of course, but should you be looking for a good alternative to Mailchimp I have one for you.

MailerLite: email, landing pages and
sell products online

Usually you get excited about a product or service that delivers just a little more than you're used to. And when it comes at a good price. That's pretty rare. Often the perception is quickly that something is very expensive and you're more concerned with the cost than with what the product gives you. With MailerLite, I actually had the opposite immediately. Obviously there are a lot of great features behind the paywall, but that's fine. Nothing comes for free. Still, you can get by with MailerLite for free for a very long time and when you have a little more traction or want to make it all look a little better then you start paying. From €110 per year you already have a good basis for running an online business on MailerLite. Combined with Stripe you can turn these two SaaS tools into a powerhouse.

Do you have a newsletter? Do you want to monetize it in part, or run a blog that automatically emails the right segments of your subscribers? Are you selling a product or have a specific offer for your readers? It's all arranged click-by-click in MailerLite. In a super clean overview. And that got me excited. Because what I like to do myself is set up landing pages and market products even before the product arrives. That way you can find out if there is a market at all. No big investments in advance. Sometimes I have a temporary product for sale or a limited edition and then a sales page is just clicked together via the same environment where I run everything. That really makes MailerLite in combination with Stripe highly recommended.

Having integrated landing pages and the ability to sell products online makes MailerLite really nice. If you have a newsletter and want to monetize it, or if you run a blog and want to make specific offers to your readers, this platform is an excellent choice. It's Substack,, Wordpress and Mailchimp all in one.

Connect to your favorite e-commerce platform

Email automations are very important and useful for your webshop. MailerLite interfaces with Shopify, Woocommerce, PayPal, Stripe, Prestashop, Gumroad and many more e-commerce platforms. Stay in touch with your customers and set up automated e-commerce campaigns to promote new products and win back lost sales. One of the keys to successful email marketing is sending relevant content to the right audience. MailerLite offers excellent segmentation capabilities, allowing you to divide your subscribers based on various criteria, such as demographics, purchase history, location and behavior. This allows you to create targeted campaigns that deliver better results.

This is not where my expertise lies, but I can very well imagine that having a lot of those capabilities under one roof in one service is very valuable. Especially since you can drive and measure your revenue in different ways.

For Nordgard, using MailerLite is very nice because we can easily sell our limited edition products and event tickets through newsletter-integrated tooling. And we can easily stay in touch with our community through that same tooling. And because we use Stripe as a base for both coworking space, community membership and our product sales, it integrates seamlessly. Everything in one place, making accounting and cash flow a lot simpler to manage. By switching from Mailchimp to MailerLite and this seamless experience, I experience email marketing, product sales, waiting list signups etc. as very enjoyable and successful.

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